“How Can Any Additive Survive Combustion?”

Fuel additives for a wide range of applications have been available for many years. Most claim their effectiveness in cleaning the fuel system up to the point of the engine, or else through altering the characteristics of combustion to give increased power or reduced smoke. As ‘DPF Cleaners’ are often sold alongside these other fuel additive options, it is sometimes suggested by sceptics that ‘DPF Cleaner’ additives are no different in content. And it is therefore suggested that ‘DPF Cleaners can’t work because they cannot survive combustion.’

In fact, any credible fuel additive for DPF treatment will include a Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC). FBCs are different from traditional fuel additive components in that they survive combustion in their active form. This allows them to perform their soot-clearing function in the exhaust system and DPF. The organic chemicals used in traditional Fuel System Cleaners will not be effective in the exhaust as they are destroyed in the combustion chamber.

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